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Power Take-Off Equipment

P.T.O. Shafts Profiles Yokes and Universal joints. 

Walterscheid PTO Shafts

P.T.O. Shaft

Universal Joint

Drive Shaft Yoke

Triangle Profile Shaft

Lemon Profile Shaft

How to Measure Triangle Profile

How To Measure Lemon Profile

The name GKN Walterscheid stands for the development and innovation of agricultural driveline systems.

They develop and produce of high-quality PTO drive shafts for use in agriculture is part of the core competence of GKN Walterscheid.

For more than 50 years, Walterscheid has ranked among the world's leading manufacturers and they are composed of components with the highest quality which can be configured in such a way that they will meet all necessary requirements perfectly.

Suitable for applications ranging from small, economical solutions utilised in standard applications to high-performance combinations intended for continuous use and needed to deliver the highest possible drive power

Different cardan joint designs depending on the application:

  • Standard design (series P, series W, and series W..E)

  • Wide angle design on one side (series PWE and series WWE)

  • Wide angle design on two sides (series PWE and series WWE)


 For more information on the W..E series, please refer to the online catalogue link.



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