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Essential Maintenance Supplies

The importance of an effective maintenance and repair program cannot be overlooked to ensure that all equipment is operating at 100% efficiency. The cost of regular maintenance is very small when compared to the true cost of a major breakdown. With this in mind we supply a range of items to improve ware. Increase reliability and prevent failure.




wd40, Copper Grease, belt dressings.

Spray Lubricants &

Belt Dressings

Radiator and Engine Leak Solutions

Fuel, Oil and Engine Additives / Cleaner

Gasket Maker Solution & Gasket Paper

Glue and Adhesive

ThreeBond Range

UPVC & Tiger Sealant

holts exhaust repair

Holts Range

We stock recognised and respected brands of maintenance solutions including Threebond, Holts, Locktite, STP, Action Can, U-Pol and many more. If you have a favourite brand not listed Call or Email us we may have it or source it for you.

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